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1.0.   PURPOSE
            The purpose of this calculation is to determine the capacity of Station Transformer for  1 x 660 MW   CIREBON Coal Fired Steam Power Plant.

2.0.   SUMMARY
2.1 One Station Transformer is provided for the start up of the plant and after that UAT will cater    plant load.
2.2 The result of calculation is summarized as follows.

Cooling                                  :  ONAN/ONAF
Winding  Temp. rise             :  60º C
Winding                                 :  3 phase 3 winding
Capacity                                 :  60/30/30 MVA
Note 1 : The above XFMR Capacity is based on the 45ºC Amb. Temp.

3.1 Cirebon power plant load data
3.2 IEC 60076-1
3.3 IEC 60076-2
3.4 ANSI C57.91

4.1 Design ambient temperature is 45º C
4.2 Transformer is three phase three winding having the star-star-star connection, YNyn0yn0,   ONAN/ONAF, 150/11.5/11.5 KV.

5.1 All motor loads having the stand-by operation mode has been excluded in this calculation.
            5.2 Transformer data
a. Type                       : 3 phase, 3 winding, 50Hz
b. Rated                     : voltage150/11.5/11.5 KV

Total Load on one bus of 11kV System in KW  = 22158.00 KW
Power factor                                                         = 0.85
Total Load on 11kV System in KVA ( L )          = 26068.24 KVA
No Load Voltage (Vn)                                          = 11.5 kV
Full Load rated voltage (Vr)                                = 11 kV
Full load losses (Wf1)                                         = 294.00 KW  at  60 MVA
Actual KVA Load on Transformer (Wa)            = 26068.24 KVA

Load Calculation for Power Transfomer:
Considering 10% margin, KVA load                   = L x 1.1
                                                                                = 28675.06
So the selected Transformer size                        = 30000 KVA


          7.1 Load Summary for MV Switchgear
          7.2 Load Summary for MCC

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  PLTU Cirebon Electric Power ( PT. CEP )

Cirebon power plant project development started in 2009 with acapacity of 1 x 660 MW and requires funding of about U.S. $ 850million. Poyek was undertaken by PT. PT Doosan Heavy IndustriesIndonesia. South Korean company as its Main Contractor. In Cirebon power plant construction project is not just one company but the project was on sub it to another contractor, including:

- For work done by civilians in PT. Aston
- To work on the mechanical and piping by PT. Coins Pratt
- To work on Electrical and Instruments by PT. Kencana Jaya andPT. Tekniko

To note the shareholders of PT Cirebon Electric Power consists of:

1. PT Indika Energy Tbk (20 percent)
2. Samtan Co. Ltd. (20 percent)
3. Korea Midland Power Co. (27.5 percent)
4. Marubeni Corporation (32.5 percent)

In this article I tried to explain the process of high voltage 150 KV /660 MW.
  • Switchyard
  • Transformer Station
  • Auxalary Unit Transformer
  • Generator Transformer
  • Excitation Transformer
  • Switchgear

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    The assembly operations are under the responsibility of the Project Management Department. Definitions of the Instruction Manual are under responsibility of the Engineering Department and the corresponding operations are carried by the assembly personnel under the authority of the site foreman.
    Before starting the site works, coordination between the different departments concerned (Project Management, Engineering, Production and any other) will be achieved to implement the specific site inspection plan applicable to the contract.
    Before leaving, the site foreman will be informed on the inspections and checks provided for in the site plan. During on-site assembly, the site foreman will be responsible for correct implementation of the Instruction Manual on-site and for detection of any non-conforming quality to be recorded on the nonquality data sheets.
    When executing the Instruction Manual defined by Engineering Department, if a value is found out of tolerance, the site foreman will notify the Project Manager who will in turn inform the Engineer Manager or his representative so that a decision is made on any further action in agreement with the departments concerned.
    Installation and commissioning of the transformer may only be carried out by qualified, skilled personnel that has licensed by independent surveyor or has been approved by manufacturer and under strict observation of this Instruction Manual.
    For safety reasons, do not carry out any unauthorized work, i.e. during installation, modification, commissioning and alteration of the transformer without first consulting UNINDO. The trouble-free operation of the transformer may be put at risk.
    If by any case, all term above not meet with actual actualization, transformer will be out of guarantee.